Gas Inserts Services in Bakersfield, Taft, Delano, Shafter, Lake Isabella, CA, and Surrounding Areas

Gas Inserts Services in Bakersfield, Taft, Delano, Alta Sierra, Baker, Boron, Buttonwillow, Caliente, California City, Corcoran, Earlimart, Edwards, Fraizer Park, Glennville, Kernville, Keene, Lake Isabella, Lebec, Maricopa, McFarland, McKittrick, Mojave, Porterville, Ridgecrest, Tehachapi, Tulare, Wasco, Wheeler Ridge, CA and Surrounding Areas

We’re glad you asked! Gas Inserts in Bakersfield, Taft, Delano, Shafter, Lake Isabella, CA resemble old-fashioned fireplaces in terms of look and feel but delivers superior convenience and efficiency. With a gas insert, your fireplace becomes a delightful gas heater without losing the rustic aesthetic that wood hearths offer.

You’ll also have complete control over the flame and heat adjustments courtesy of a hand-held interface. No more wasting precious time better spent with loved ones trying to get the fire going.

The Direct Vent Fireplaces Difference

The Direct Vent Fireplace Gas Inserts in Bakersfield, Taft, Delano, Shafter, Lake Isabella, CA breathe new life into old and neglected fireplaces in need of a face-lift. Renovating an existing fireplace can be costly and a headache to maintain, but our gas inserts fit comfortably into most masonry or factory-built fireplaces. Your fireplace will look like new, and you’ll be able to enjoy the comfort and warmth of a gas heater. A Direct Vent gas insert turns your existing wood-burning fireplace into an attractive and efficient heat source.

Direct Vent fireplace inserts are classified as zone heating appliances. Zone heating is inherently more efficient than your existing wood-burning fireplace or your central furnace. A central furnace wastes 20 to 30 percent of the heat energy through ductwork losses and sends much of the remaining heat to unoccupied rooms. Zone heating creates and transmits heat directly into the room. This lets you turn down your whole-house thermostat and use your fireplace insert to efficiently warm the room.


The old device must be located at a residence within the District boundaries. Applicants must submit an application and obtain an approved voucher from the District prior to purchasing the new device.

Eligibility of New Devices for Hot Spot Cournties (Madera, Fresno, and Kern)

New gas fireplaces must be certified as heater-rated. Gas fireplaces designed exclusively for aesthetic and decorative use are not eligible.

Apply for your voucher to convert your wood burning device to a gas insert today!

Madison Park by Iron strike

The Madison Park by Ironstike comes standard with a fully functioning 5-stage blower and flame for full comfort control. The standard Total Comfort Control™ remote allows comfort control from the convenience of your favorite seat.

Control your insert with the built in thermostat or manually with the 5 stage settings for the blower, flame, and accent lighting.


*Price $ $$ $$
Models Madison Park 34 Madison 32 Madison Park 27
Maximum btu 38000 34000 30000
Minimum fireplace widths 34″ 32″ 27″
Minimum fireplace heights 24″ 19-1/2″ 18″
Minimum fireplace depths 16″ 16″ 15″
Accent Lighting Accent Lighting Accent Lighting N/A
Remote control Total Comfort Control™ Total Comfort Control™ Total Comfort Control™
Warranty 20  year Limited Warranty* 20  year Limited Warranty* 20  year Limited Warranty*

Bellevue by Ironstrike

The Bellevue by Ironstrike is a great option for the budget conscious but aesthetically pleasing customer. Bellevue gives great standard functionality and comfort without the price point of the Madison Park. With standard toggle and knob control panel on the side of the unit you have the functionality that is Ironstrike.


*Price $$ $
Models Bellevue 32 Bellevue 27
Maximum btu 28000 25000
Minimum fireplace widths 32″ 27″
Minimum fireplace heights 19-1/2″ 18″
Minimum fireplace depths 16″ 15″
Blower Standard variable speed knob Standard variable speed knob
Remote control Optional Optional
Warranty 20-year limited warranty 20-year limited warranty

Ruby By Majestic

The Ruby by Majestic is manufactured by one of the most sought-after companies in the Gas Fireplace market. The components and burn of this device is what sets it apart from the others with up to 35,000 BTU output. The standard remote allows you to control flame, heat, and ambiance in the room. Aesthetically, the split log design gives a different option than any other insert out there and paired with the bronze faceplate and surround options gives this insert a unique design.


*Price $$ $$
Models Ruby 30 Ruby 35
Maximum btu 30500 35000
Minimum fireplace widths 31-1/8” 35-1/8”
Minimum fireplace heights 20-3/4” 34-3/8”
Minimum fireplace depths 14-7/8” 16″
Blower Standard 3speed blower Standard 3speed blower
Remote control 4-button remote 4-button remote
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty* Limited Lifetime Warranty*

Innsbrook by Empire

The Innsbrook by Empire is White Mountain Hearths leading seller in Gas Inserts. This unit is priced to be budget friendly at multiple applications from zero-clearance to open hearth. Innsbrook standard toggle switch

*Price $$ $$ $
Models Innsbrook 28 Innsbrook 27 Innsbrook 20
Maximum btu 28,500 26,000 20,500
Minimum fireplace widths 34-1/4” 31-1/4” 28-1/4”
Minimum fireplace heights 23-1/2” 21-1/2” 18-1/2”
Minimum fireplace depths 16-5/8” 16-5/8” 14-7/8”
Blower Automatic variable speed blower Automatic variable speed blower Automatic variable speed blower
Remote control Standard toggle  –Available Upgrade Standard toggle  –Available Upgrade Standard toggle  –Available Upgrade
Warranty 10-year limited warranty 10-year limited warranty 10-year limited warranty

Installed by qualified professionals

We have over 60 years’ experience in the heating and cooling industry, and with that experience comes an encyclopedic knowledge of related appliances, including Gas Inserts in Bakersfield, Taft, Delano, Shafter, Lake Isabella, CA. Banner Air has the right tools and the right people to get the job done, and done right, the first time. Our trained engineers will do an assessment of your existing fireplace, and offer you qualified advice and recommendations.

Let’s make memories

A lifetime of happy memories is waiting with Banner Air gas inserts in Bakersfield, California. All you need to do is give us a call at (661) 322-5858 and we’ll do the rest.

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