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Mitsubishi Ductless In Bakersfield, CA: Efficiency in Your Hands

If you live in Bakersfield, you will appreciate the importance of reliable HVAC systems. You need versatile heating and cooling systems to deal with the cold and hot spots in your home, and let you remain comfortable through the coldest and hottest months. Consider purchasing and installing Mitsubishi ductless in Bakersfield, CA, for efficient and reliable heating and cooling services.

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How do Mitsubishi ductless systems work?

But first, you will need to understand how Mitsubishi ductless heating and cooling systems work. These systems cool or heat indoor spaces without the need of pipes or ducts, hence, the use of the term ductless.

Each room or space has an indoor unit fixed to the wall and a wireless controller. The indoor unit uses a refrigerant to heat or cool air before distributing it quietly into the room. The wireless controller helps you to switch the unit on or off, or adjust the temperature to your comfort. This makes the ductless system more convenient compared to the central HVAC systems.

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Why use Mitsubishi ductless systems?

Mitsubishi ductless systems work the same way as their central HVAC counterparts, but they allow zoning to make them more cost-effective and energy-efficient. Some benefits of ductless systems include the following:

  • They are energy efficient: Since they don’t rely on ducts, they don’t suffer leakages as central units do, hence, you would never have to worry about inflated energy bills due to leakages.
  • Cheaper to install for older homes: Some older homes have no ductwork, or have ducts that are so run-down that it would too expensive to repair or replace them. Ductless systems would be the best choice for such homes since you won’t need to lay any pipes.
  • Versatile: This is perhaps the biggest advantage for ductless systems. You can control the temperature of each room independently and wirelessly, and you can even switch off the units in rooms, not in use.
  • They are sleek: These units can easily complement your indoor aesthetic accessories since they are more visually appealing than their central counterparts. They can also merge into the deco of your living room, so you won’t worry about having to conceal them from view.
  • They allow zoning: Mitsubishi ductless units allow you to control the temperatures of different rooms (zones) from your palm courtesy of a wireless controller.

To understand better how ductless systems work, knowledge of their important components is crucial. Here are the three main components of the Mitsubishi ductless HVAC systems:

  • Condenser: This is the outdoor unit that receives the heat and moisture sucked from the indoor air, and dispels it into the atmosphere. This component connects to the indoor unit via a thin conduit.
  • Blower/ evaporation unit: The component you fix in your indoor spaces or rooms, which heat or cool the air. You need one for every room. It uses a refrigerant to warm your air during cold times and to cool your spaces when it becomes hot. It connects to the condenser, or outdoor unit, through a thin cable known as a conduit.
  • Conduit: This is the cable connecting the indoor and outdoor units, and it carries the refrigerant, power cable, and condensate drain. It dispels heat and moisture from the indoor unit to the outdoor component.

Air Filtration

Mitsubishi ductless systems go beyond just heating or cooling your indoor air. They feature a multi-part filtration system that dispels any odor and contaminants such as viruses, allergens, and bacteria from your indoor air, making it cleaner and safer for breathing. You would never have to worry about your allergies, or those of a member of your family if you have the ductless Mitsubishi HVAC in place.

Mitsubishi ductless cleans and cools your indoor air through a combination of an innovative and sophisticated combination of filters. These filters are as follows:

  • Blue-enzyme, anti-allergen filter: Look for Mitsubishi models with this filter to clear bacteria, viruses, and all sorts of pathogens from your air. The filter also captures dust, mites, pollen and other unwanted particles from the air, resulting in cleaner, fresher and safer breathing air.
  • Hybrid filters: These filters are responsible for the absorption of gases that cause strange odors in your home. Get Mitsubishi ductless units with these filters to ensure that bad odors from the outdoors don’t interfere with your peace when you are indoors.

To get the most out of these filters, you need to come through with a little maintenance. Clean them regularly, and they will last for about 10 years. Cleaning them isn’t a big deal — just a few minutes of your time are enough to get you safe and clean breathing air for the next 10 years.


One reason you should go for ductless HVAC systems is their versatility. Unlike the central systems that heat or cool the entire home — including unoccupied rooms which could be a waste of energy – because they use ducts to supply cool or warm air to all the rooms at the same time, ductless systems can be installed and operated individually in each room.

This flexibility is possible through the concept of zoning. Mitsubishi ductless systems allow you to connect several indoor units to a single outdoor unit, but you can control the setting of each indoor unit individually.

  • Single-zone ductless units: Installed in a single room, they are suitable if you only want to control the temperature of one room, such as your office. You need one indoor unit connected to an outdoor unit.
  • Multi-zone ductless units: If you have several rooms to heat or cool, multi-zone systems would be good for you. You need only one outdoor unit and an indoor unit for each of your rooms.

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Mitsubishi ductless in Bakersfield, CA

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