Air Conditioner Tune Up Services in Bakersfield, CA

Air Conditioner Tune Up Services in Bakersfield, Taft, Delano, CA and Surrounding Areas

If you want to ensure uninterrupted comfort, it is essential to get air conditioner companies Shafter. This service guarantees that your AC always blows smooth air efficiently and with fewer repairs. But you might wonder, how does an annual maintenance service enhance the performance of your AC?

Process of Air Conditioner Tune-up Service

The AC tune-up only takes an hour if there is no severe damage to the AC unit. The technician will complete the following steps during the AC tune-up:

Examine the Condition

The AC expert will observe airflow and evaluate the condition of ducts, indoor components, outdoor units, electrical connections, and drain lines. The inspection will verify if the AC unit requires any repairs or replacement.

Clean the AC Component.

The technician will use powerful cleaning tools to clean the condenser, drain pipe, evaporator coils, air vents, and blower fan. The HVAC expert will also replace the air filter during the AC service Bakersfield, HVAC cleaning process.


The AC defects can be minor, such as cracks or holes on any AC component, lack of oiling in the refrigerant, burnt wires, etc. Defects can also be as major as a broken thermostat, grounded compressor, damaged ductwork, etc. If any defect is found during the inspection, the technician will resolve the issue. 

After completing the tune-up process, the AC specialist will clean the area and test the cooling performance. This way, an AC tune-up eradicates the need for an expensive air conditioning repair Bakersfield.

Advantages of Scheduling an Air Conditioning Service

The importance of scheduling an AC tune-up includes the following:

Saving Energy

A clean AC unit runs more smoothly and consumes only the required energy, whereas an unclean AC consumes more energy because of the clogging that obstructs the airflow. 

Saving Money With Maintenance

The AC tune-up reduces the need for air conditioning service Taft. The fewer repairs ensure that you save money on expensive AC services. Additionally, it maximizes energy efficiency and reduces utility bill costs.

Prevents Discomfort

When the HVAC owner neglects annual AC tune-up, the AC unit will malfunction often, the efficiency reduces, and the air quality degrades. These consequences add to your discomfort.

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It’s recommended to schedule a tune-up for your AC twice a year. The best times for an AC tune-up are spring and fall. Greer’s Banner Air offers a cost-effective AC maintenance plan you can apply for. Call us today to hire a NATE-certified and experienced AC specialist. Our technicians effectively service all traditional and modern HVAC models.

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