What Happens if I Turn The Air Conditioner On All Day?

Everyone wishes to stay inside the cool indoors in the summer. Who wants to go outside and burn in the sun’s heat when you can sit indoors with the AC system on full blast? 

Similarly, running your AC for almost the entire day can become heavy on your pockets as the electricity and repairs will skyrocket to the newest levels. However, if you notice that your air conditioning is running every time you switch it on, it means you need an air conditioning repair in Pittsburgh.

What Does it Mean by AC Running Continuously?

An air conditioning system works on a refrigeration cycle that provides comfortable cooling in the summer. The four components that help in the refrigeration process are: 

  • Compression 
  • Evaporator 
  • Expansion device 
  • Condenser 

The air passes from one component to another to remove the heat from the indoor air and fill the void in the room with cool air. It is called a cycle when the air conditioner’s compressor powers up and begins the refrigeration process until the thermostat gives a green signal that the temperature is achieved.  

A perfectly accurate operating AC should have around 2 to 3 cycles in an hour. Each cycle lasts for 15-20 minutes. It should stop for a while before beginning a new cycle. Hence, if you notice that your AC is not stopping for even a little bit, you have an issue that needs to be fixed. 

What are the Reasons Behind the Continuous Running of the AC System?

Here are some probable reasons that can cause your AC to run continuously and increase the bills significantly: 

  • A Small Size AC unit: Size plays an integral role in deciding the efficiency of the services. Smaller AC units have to work a little longer to cool the room space beyond their capacity. It can result in continuously running of the AC as it has to reach the thermostat’s temperature.

  • Lack of Maintenance Services: Every air conditioning service technician emphasizes the importance of maintenance services. Maintenance services clean the air passage and components for precise working. If your AC system is maintained and checked by a technician, there is no chance that any issue will come up for a given period. 

  • Blocked Air Filters: All the dust gets accumulated on the filters, registers, and ducts if they are not cleaned timely. The dust takes up the space, and the fresh air does not have room to enter the system. The AC compressor runs continuously to get a hold of the air in the appropriate amount.

  • Weaken Insulation on the Ducts: If you have an AC system that uses ducts to distribute the air in the home, insulation can also be a problem. Weaken insulation on the ducts encourages the cool air to dissipate into the surroundings, and you might not receive cool air in the room. Since the thermostat registers the temperature is not reached, the air conditioning compressors work till the temperature is not achieved. 

  • Incorrect Thermostats Readings: A difference in the thermostat’s calibration or incorrect settings may also cause the issue. It is better to switch to modern thermostats that do not use mercury to measure the temperature. 

How to Fix the Issue? 

Call us for air conditioning services in Bakersfield, CA from the HVAC center. The professional will carry out the necessary operation and resolve the issue in a few minutes. Greer’s Banner Air of Bakersfield, Inc. HVAC center in Bakersfield, Taft, and surrounding areas have resolved such issues in the shortest period.

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