Is Your Heater Ready For Winter?

Heaters have become a necessity for winters, particularly in places where the temperature falls to minus degrees. Ensuring that the heater works properly before winter would save you plenty of last-minute repairs and maintenance checks. To ensure the smooth functioning of heaters in winter, it is necessary to do its servicing after fall, which would take care of any potential damages. Ideally, annual servicing is necessary for heaters and furnaces, which you can get done at any time of the year; however, it would be best to do that before winter so that you can enjoy your holidays without any worries. 

Making Your Heater Winter-Ready

  • Replace or Clean Your Air Filters: During fall, the filter collects dust, dirt, debris, allergens, and more, and thus, the filter becomes clogged and may not work efficiently during winter. It may be unable to filter heat as it should and may not work efficiently. It is crucial to replace or clean the filter to ensure the smooth functioning of the heater. 

  • Prepare the Vents: Cleansing the vents before using the heater would clear away the extra augmented dirt that may interrupt the airflow. It is also salient to check if anything is blocking the vents that may intrude clear passage of air and that all vents are opened together. 

  • Shield the Condenser: Traditional HVAC units have a condenser. It is necessary to cover the condenser during winters since it could be engulfed and accumulated with ice from within or destroyed due to hailstones, debris, or tree branches winters. This procedure is not needed in a heat pump since they are designed to extract heat from the house and transfer it outside. 

  • Check the Thermostat: Before using the heater, it is advisable to check if the thermostat is working efficiently. You can do this by turning the heat up and waiting for a minute. Let the heat run for some time to ensure that your heater is ready for winter. 

  • Clean the Heat Exchanger: It is a prerequisite to clean the heat exchanger by brushing and vacuuming it regularly. While cleaning, make sure you check for any cracks or damages that might be present since, through these cracks, harmful gases like carbon monoxide could leak into your house which could also prove to be lethal. 

  • Lubricate the Blower Motor: Not every blower motor needs lubrication. Make sure you check your manual to see if it requires lubrication. If it does, you can do it by first switching off the heater, opening the cover, and cleaning the caps covering the bearings. After that is completed, take out the caps and lubricate the bearings. 

Other ways of making your heater winter-ready are by removing the nearby flammable objects that could increase the risk of potential fires and ensuring that the ducts are ready to use by cleaning them. 

Making an appointment with the HVAC services is important to ensure that your heater is working smoothly, repair any potential damages, or do repairs. 

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