Is Replacing My Furnace with a Heat Pump Worth It?

Is Replacing My Furnace with a Heat Pump Worth It?

If you are researching replacing your furnace with a new heating system, you might have heard of the term heat pump. Heat Pumps have been around for more than 50 years even though they aren’t popular. You can either choose to call furnace repair in Shafter or directly switch to a heat pump.

If you are unsure about what a heat pump is and how it differs from a furnace read on to know.

Few Differences Between a Furnace and a Heat Pump

One main difference between both these equipment is that a heat pump can heat and cool your room whereas a furnace can only provide heating. If you are thinking of changing your furnace and air conditioner together, a heat pump is an ideal choice.

  • How do Heat Pumps Work? 

    The heat pump consists of a refrigerant like an air conditioner that absorbs heat. The blower fan will switch between moving the heat inside or outside based on your heating and cooling settings.

    On the other hand, the furnace uses electricity or fuels like wood or oil to generate heat in your home. The efficiency of this method is less compared to heat pumps and causes a lot of pollution. If there is a need for a furnace repair in Bakersfield, CA, do not delay as the fire could go bad and cause huge problems.

Why Own a Heat Pump?

  • Functionality: A single heat pump can provide you with both cooling and heating functions. With this, you are saving space in your home for two units with one.
    Moreover, the need for two annual maintenance checkups is gone. You do not have to worry about getting checkups for your furnace in the fall and air conditioner in spring anymore; you can get on an annual checkup for your heat pump instead.

  • Environment-friendly!: These heat pumps use less energy. By switching to heat pumps, you can save 30 to 60 percent of power usage. Humidity is controlled more efficiently by heat pumps than air conditioners in cooling seasons.
    Additionally, heat pumps are safer than furnaces. There is no byproduct generation when using heat pumps as it uses electricity, unlike furnaces. Furnace owners should be careful with the combustion as it leaves out harmful gas like carbon monoxide. 

Problems With Heat Pumps!

  • No Heat Generation: The heat pumps transfer the heat in the air to your home but do not generate heat. If you live in colder regions where the average temperatures are too low, then your heat pump may struggle to keep your room warm. You can, however, equip it with an electrical or gas burner to provide heat.

  • Prices!: If your region has low gas prices compared to electricity prices then you aren’t saving much by switching to a furnace. However, if you use an air conditioner throughout the summer season then there could be some savings done with heat pumps.

To fix an appointment for heat pump services in Bakersfield, CAyou can speak to any of our HVAC experts at (661) 322-5858. You can also choose to write to us at [email protected]

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