How Often Should You Service Your Air Conditioners?

The warmer the season gets, the need to cool the home temperature arises. Especially with the weather in Bakersfield, it becomes essential to pre-pone your AC repairs in Bakersfield and be ready for warm temperatures in advance.

Though all electrical appliances require a certain amount of service every 3-5 months because air conditioners are used maximum during hot temperatures, it is suggested to service them every two months even when they are not in use.

Reasons Why Regular Servicing and Maintenance are Required

To Increase Air Conditioner’s Working Age

Air Conditioner repair and maintenance cleanse not just the dirt and unwanted substances from your AC but also the rustic waste material over the walls of ducts and swings.

Reduced Bills for Budget Worth

It is not unusual to assume air conditioners and all cooling appliances are used continuously for hours during warm temperatures, which raises the question of excessive and over-budget electric bills and rates.

Gas Leakage

When it comes to family, we get extra cautious, and why not we should. It is why it is this is the most important point to consider for checking up on gas leakage and cross-examination of every electrical component.

Service Instead of Repairing One

Getting your air conditioner maintained instead of paying a lot for repair is a better and pocket-friendly option. Servicing helps to rectify faulty parts.

Helpful in Climate Control Measures

When the effective working of air conditioners helps in controlling bills, it automatically helps in consuming lesser energy and power resource and ultimately helps using fewer carbon footprints.

Essential Checks Included in Complete Servicing of AC

It is better to follow a step-by-step check for achieving error-free servicing of an air conditioner from scratch.

Check on Refrigerant Levels

It is important to check any air conditioner equipment to ensure the cooling agents of the machine and measure them according to the temperatures.

Inspecting Compressor Mechanism

It is also necessary to make use of an inspection of the compressor and fan because its working results in pushing warm air outside to keep indoors cool.

Checks on Wiring and Supply Connections

Post initial checks on the outdoors. The next important question is whether the flow of current passing through the wire is free-flow or disrupted? This check and rectification results in maintaining perfect supply connections

Check on the Motor, Blower, and Operating Pressure

As soon as the servicing did for most of the outer parts of the air conditioner, the pressure points plus the blower and main motor almost reached the completion of the servicing process.

Reading Temperatures and Drain Line

You should do a few last checks once an air conditioner’s inner parts are fully verified and checked. In short, the last few but significant checks include water flow outside and drain line working properly with the right temperatures outside and inside the room.


In the end, all comes to verification and servicing the whole equipment of the air conditioner regularly with the best service providers should be considered for maximum benefits assured at lower prices.

Greer’s Banner Air of Bakersfield, Inc. is one of the best air conditioning companies in Shafter. For more information please don’t hesitate to contact AC repairs in Bakersfield.

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