When Is The Right Time To Change the Air Filter in My HVAC System?

Changing the air filters in your cooling and heating system is necessary if you want clean air to flow throughout your home. Your HVAC unit will put more effort and be more susceptible to breakdowns if it does not have a fresh air filter. Air filters need changing every three months; this is a quick and efficient DIY home improvement in less than an hour without scheduling an air conditioning service in Bakersfield, CAHowever, many homeowners are oblivious of how frequently air filters must be replaced, leaving their systems vulnerable to damage. 

Why Is Changing Your Filter Required?

With time and continuous use, air filters accumulate pet hair, dust, and other pollutants that limit your air conditioning system to obstruct the flow of fresh, clean air to your residence. Furthermore, the air filters accumulate so many leaves and dirt that air cannot properly filter or travel to the HVAC unit. 

When an HVAC filter becomes clogged, your system must work harder to pull air through the filtration system to cool or heat the room. 

It causes it to run for extended periods, increasing the energy used by your home. In addition, dust and dander can disperse throughout your home if your filtration system is not working correctly, causing allergy symptoms and respiratory illnesses. 

So to force air through an obstructed filter, an HVAC system must work hard. This constant strain on the unit can damage it, resulting in costly repairs or replacements.

When Should You Replace Your Air Conditioner’s Air Filters?

The frequency of air filter replacement usually depends on your chosen air filter. Furthermore, some AC air filters work better than others. On the other hand, pleated air filters are high-quality filtration that traps particles very effectively and can last up to 90 days.

If you have allergies, even a small amount of debris or wreckage in the air can cause a reaction. Change your air conditioner’s filters every 50 days to ensure that your system only pumps clean air. 

If you replace your air purifiers every two months to maintain good indoor air quality. Replace the air filters every six to twelve months if your home’s heating and cooling system are only used a few times a year.

How To Replace Your Air Filters?

Check the old filtration system, which should have the dimensions printed on one of its sides, to determine the size of your filtration system. If you can’t find the old filter’s size, use a tape measure to check its length, width, and depth. 

To turn off your thermostat, flip the switch or turn off your entire system at the power switch. Next, remove the old filter, pay close attention to its position inside the cover or grill, and insert the new filter. 

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