What Do AC Noises Indicate?

Air conditioning systems sometimes make small popping or buzzing sounds when turned on. Air conditioning service in Shafter experts suggest that if the sound of your air conditioner becomes louder than usual or you hear an unusual sound unlike anything you’ve heard in the past, it’s usually an indication of a malfunction within the system.

Different Kinds of Noises and Their Meaning

Here are some strange and alarming noises that an air conditioner makes, as well as the reasons that cause them:


If you notice screeching sounds coming from the air conditioning unit, this could be due to loose screws or other parts. It could also be due to an issue with your blower wheel, where one of the fan blades is bent or broken. 

The screeching sound could be because of the scraping of one material against another. AC service technicians in Bakersfield advise lubricating the components to eliminate the sound.


If you hear a buzzing noise from the AC system, it could mean that the AC system needs repair and is usually due to electrical issues in the cooling system. Plan a tune-up with reputed air conditioning companies in Shafter, like Greer’s Banner Air of Bakersfield, Inc, as soon as possible to prevent a sudden breakdown of your air conditioner.


If you hear high-pitched bangs or booming noises as you start the air conditioner, this could indicate that your vents or ducts need to be cleaned or repaired.


The squealing sound indicates that your cooling system is not getting adequate lubrication. AC service in Bakersfield technicians advise replacing the fan belt because it will prevent your cooling system from deteriorating and helps to avoid expensive repairs. 


Any part loose in the cooling system may cause a rattling sound. If the issue is left unresolved, the parts will become damaged and could cause more damage to the cooling system. So, it is advised to call our HVAC experts to fix the issue. 

•Low Rumbling

If you hear a low rumbling, it’s an indication that it’s an ideal time to give your air conditioner regular tune-ups or maintenance. It is important to maintain your air conditioner at least once a year to ensure that you don’t need to endure major losses.


Do not ignore a hissing sound coming from your air conditioning unit. This type of sound may signal a problem with the air filter. If there’s a clog within the air filter or leakage in the ductwork, it will cause a hissing sound. 

Additionally, leakage of refrigerants or cracks inside the refrigerant coils can cause a hissing sound. You must fix the problem by contacting our air conditioning service in Taft for repair.

Bottom Line

Cooling systems are vital appliances that keep you comfortable in the hot summer months. So, it is imperative not to ignore their maintenance and immediately seek professional assistance if you hear any of the mentioned sounds.

Greer’s Banner Air of Bakersfield, Inc. is one of the most reputed air conditioning companies in Shafter and can assist you in resolving your AC issues. Call us today to schedule an appointment with our AC repair experts. 

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