Grading Your Air Conditioner This Year

Summer is the time when your air conditioner is put to the test. We all want it to function optimally during the hot months, but how do you determine if it’s in good condition? As a leading provider of air conditioning repair and installation services, Greer’s Banner Air of Bakersfield, Inc. is here to help you grade your air conditioner this year.

Factors to Consider

Here are some things to examine when evaluating your air conditioner:

1. Age of Air Conditioner

The age of your AC unit can significantly affect its performance. Most air conditioners last an average of 10 to 15 years. If your AC unit is older than 15 years, it may be time to consider a replacement.

2. Efficiency Rating

The efficiency rating of an AC is measured using Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). Generally, a system with a higher SEER rating performs better and more efficiently. Older systems have lower SEER ratings and consume more energy, which results in higher energy bills.

3. Frequency of Repairs

If you find yourself calling for repairs more often, it may be time to replace your unit. Frequent repairs can add up significantly, and in the long run, replacing an older system is more cost-effective.

4. Home Comfort

If you’re uncomfortable or the AC unit is showing poor performance, it may be time to upgrade your system. A new unit can improve indoor air quality, improve cooling capacity and significantly enhance the overall comfort.

Considering these factors, you can enjoy the comfort of your home with your new air conditioner. If your existing AC unit meets these factors but is not functioning well, you can simply call Greer’s Banner Air of Bakersfield, Inc. for prompt air conditioner repair in Bakersfield

Benefits of Upgrading

Here are some significant advantages of upgrading your air conditioner:

• Improved Comfort

Upgrading your air conditioner will significantly improve indoor air quality, reduce humidity and enable the system to more effectively and efficiently cool your home.

• Increased Efficiency

New air conditioning systems are more energy-efficient than older models. This means that they require less energy to operate and will ultimately lower your energy bills.

• Cost-effective

While a new air conditioner might seem expensive, it can actually save you money in the long run. Old systems require frequent repairs and consume more energy, which results in high energy bills.

Greer’s Banner Air of Bakersfield, Inc. provides the best air conditioning service in Taft and can recommend some of the best air conditioners for upgrading.

Choose Greer's Banner Air of Bakersfield, Inc.

If it’s time for an upgrade, Greer’s Banner Air of Bakersfield, Inc. is here to help. We are one of the best air conditioning companies in Shafter, offering high-quality AC installation, maintenance, and repair services for many years.

Our experienced technicians are certified and professional and offer complete inspection and maintenance of your HVAC system. Our rates are reasonable, and we offer exceptional customer service to ensure your satisfaction.

Don’t just take our word for it; read our Google Reviews for customer testimonials.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and learn more about upgrading your AC. Let us help you maintain the comfort of your home all year long.

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