The basis on Which Your Air Conditioner is Graded This Year

An ac is something that a person owns for life. With an average lifespan of 20 years, an ac can also last for a while longer if kept in peak condition. This means calling for a good company known for its air conditioning service in Bakersfield, CA to handle its repairs, maintenance, and if needed, replacement. However, before you decide on any of these matters, it is important to know how well your ac is fairing. This way, you will be able to understand the condition that your ac is in. To help you, it is important to call for professional service. These individuals will grade your system and inform you of the next best course of action that may be required. 

How Your AC is Graded This Year?

For those that are unaware, there are five main scores that your ac can receive. ‘A’ is the highest grade awarded and ‘F’ is the lowest grade. This helps decide if you need an AC repair in Bakersfield, CAor a full systems replacement. Here is the basis on which these scores are given:

A: ‘A Perfect AC’ 

This grade is awarded to ac systems in the best condition without any hiccups or wear-outs. This is often given to those systems that have just had an air conditioning replacement as they are brand new. However, if your ac is properly maintained, it can receive the same grade.

B: ‘An Almost Perfect AC’ 

This score is given to those systems that run smoothly but face one or two small hiccups along the way. However, not to worry, with the help of an AC repair in Bakersfield, CA, you can receive an A grade the following year. 

C: ‘A Satisfactory System’ 

A good ac manages to keep your home cool. However, that is all it does. These systems may require using a bit more energy to function properly, leading to a hike in your energy bill. An ac repair might be your best course of action. 

D: ‘An Unsatisfactory AC’ 

These are for those systems that still work but can make you frustrated due to the number of repairs required to keep it going. This may be due to it taking longer to cool down your home. In such cases, it is better to call for an air conditioning service in Bakersfield.

F: ‘A system Breakdown’ 

This is the lowest grade that an ac can receive and is generally awarded to those systems that have reached the final leg and shutdown. At some point, the only thing left to do is to call for an air conditioning replacement. This often happens to systems that are old or not maintained properly. 

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