Should You Replace Or Repair Your Heater?

If you want to ensure your home is properly insulated during the winter, a primary task could be making significant decisions regarding repairing or replacing a furnace. Your furnace is one of your home’s most valued appliances. How do you decide if you want a repair or heating replacement? If you require some guidance on the topic, contact Greer’s Banner Air for the best assistance in Bakersfield and surrounding areas.

Considerations Before Deciding Whether or Not to Make Replacements

Age of the Furnace

Usually, furnaces last approximately 15 years or longer, provided an expert regularly provides maintenance. However, the furnace’s efficiency is reduced when it ages, resulting in expensive repairs. If your furnace is 15 years old and has frequently-recurring issues, it’s the right time for heating replacement Bakersfield.

Condition of the Furnace

If your heater or furnace is smoky or blowing cold air, making strange noises, or has become rusty, then it’s time to consider investing in an upgrade to your furnace. In certain instances, using the heater or furnace can be risky, for instance, if the exchanger has failed. It exposes deadly carbon monoxide gas and calls for emergency heat pump service.

Estimates for Repairs

The condition of your furnace will determine how much you will have to pay for repairs. If the price of repairs is only a few hundred dollars on a half-used furnace, it could be a good idea to have repairs made. Buying a new furnace is more efficient when it is expected to cost you a few thousand dollars.

Savings in Energy Usage

Modern furnaces save much more energy than their counterparts manufactured ten to fifteen years ago. If you purchase an updated furnace, not only will you be able to decrease your energy costs, but you’re reducing your carbon footprint as well. In some cases, you can reduce up to 25 percent in energy cost by comparing energy efficiency (Annual Energy Utilization Efficiency) between two furnaces. 


It’s all about the furnace that is easier on your wallet. Consider the cost of a new furnace with repairs. Most often, repairs cost more at an affordable price, but after considering discounts and potential energy savings, a brand-new furnace could be worth it in the end. 

Planning to Move

Furnaces are investments that last for a long time. If you’re planning to move homes in the next few years, it could be necessary to replace your furnace to comply with the requirements of an inspection.


Our general advice for your current furnace: If it is not more than 15 years old and fixing it will cost less than half of replacing it than heating repair in Bakersfield. However, every situation is different, and we’d be delighted to provide a personalized recommendation.

Greer’s Banner Air of Bakersfield, Inc. understands that choosing to buy a new HVAC unit is a daunting task. We promise to be completely honest with our customers regarding repair work on their furnaces. Call us at 661-322-5858 or email us for heat pump service in Bakersfield.

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