Knowing The Various Types Of Furnaces

A furnace is central heating equipment that generates heat using different sources, which circulates in the heat exchanger. The air in the heat exchanger gets warm. Then the blower transfers the warm air in your house through ductwork.

All furnaces work the same way but do all the furnaces have the same efficiency, installation cost, and maintenance requirements? Before you look for heating replacement or furnace repair in Shafter, it is best to be aware of the different furnace types.

Commonly Known as Three Types of Furnaces

Gas Furnace

Among the three different furnaces, the most popular one is the gas furnace, also known as a forced-air furnace. It burns natural gas or propane to produce heat. If you have easy access to natural gas supply. 

It is the most convenient and efficient heating system, especially for big houses and extremely cold regions. You will need to have a budget of $3000 to $6000 to install a gas furnace, whereas the amount you need to spend on its maintenance and furnace repair in Bakersfield depends on several factors. 

Electric Furnace

An electric current heats the heating coils. Next, the blower motor blows air that gets warm due to the hot heating coil. This air circulates in your house through ductwork. It is how an electric heater works. 

An electric heater is better than a gas furnace for a mild winter. If your area experiences an extremely harsh winter season, the electricity bill to run an electric furnace can be too much to pay.

Oil Furnace

The fuel pump transfers the oil to the burner in the oil furnace. The burner then transforms this oil into the spray and ignites this oil spray in the combustion chamber. This process makes the chamber as hot as required to warm the incoming air. 

The blower releases the hot air in your house using air ducts. It is the most expensive furnace to install and run because of the oil cost, but it is also an ideal choice for regions with temperatures below 30° F.

The furnaces not only differ based on their heating sources, but they also vary according to the heat generation process. We have two types of furnaces based on this concept:

Single-Stage Furnace

A single-stage furnace strictly adheres to its heating cycle. It shuts down after heating the room as per the thermostat temperatures. This type of furnace operates at the same speed during each cycle.

Two-stage furnace

This kind of furnace has a dual phase. It does not shut off after meeting the temperature requirement but lowers the heat level. It is more helpful during extremely cold and long winters than the single-stage furnace. 

The two-stage furnace has a better life expectancy and heating efficiency than the single-stage system due to variations in its heating speed and continuous operation.


Whichever furnace you use, you can get heating repair service for any central heating type and model at Greer’s Banner Air. We offer our elite services in Arvin, Bakersfield, Shafter, Wasco, and the surrounding areas. Get in touch with us to discuss your HVAC services in brief. We cover an array of HVAC needs and assure 100% satisfaction. 

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