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Any time you’re dealing with an appliance problem that involves a stranger coming into your home to do the job, you need to know right away who you can trust. At Greer’s Banner Air we’ve been in the business for over seventy years, teaching our employees great customer service that’s rare these days. Getting an AC replacement in Bakersfield, CA is a big investment and it’s worth it when you hire the right company for the job.

A lesson that sets us apart

One of the first lessons we teach our new technicians is the famous phrase, “It’s not what you say, but how you say it”. We show our technicians how their manners, appearance, and attitude show you what to expect in the first minutes of meeting. Choosing Greer’s Banner Air not only means a qualified technician shows up to do the job, a truly professional and friendly person is who greets you at the door.

A peek into the training

Here’s the lesson we give our technicians starting out. You know how important eye contact and tone of voice are to establishing a connection. This is what we make sure our technicians understand so they quickly connect with you. We ask them to imagine their reaction as the customer in two scenarios.

Imagine this greeting

Here’s the first one: your technician drags his feet, his shoulders rolled forward as he shows up to the door. He then yawns and knocks. His hair is slumped over one eye and looks greasy, his shirt is untucked and he looks like he just wants to be done for the day. He reads over a script on his clipboard without making eye contact with you to say in a bored voice, “Hi I’m Tim from Greer’s Banner Air and I’m here to do your AC replacement job. Can you show me where it is?”

Would you really want to let this guy into your home?

Here’s the same exact words but a totally different delivery.

Imagine this: your technician walks with an air in his step, his posture upright as he approaches your door. His head held high, he knocks confidently. His hair is neatly kempt and clean, his shirt is tucked in and he looks happy to help, knowing your family might be anxious about the installation, and ready to answer your questions. He’s got a checklist on the clipboard explaining the work and he knows each step by heart. He makes eye contact and extends his hand out to shake yours and smiles speaking clearly, “Hi I’m Tim from Greer’s Banner Air and I’m here to do your AC replacement job. Can you show me where it is?”

The difference is easy to see

Immediately after sharing these scenarios with our technicians, they recognize the difference. It’s the exact same phrase but the way it’s delivered completely changes the way it comes across. One person looks like they just want to rush through the job and don’t really care, the other shows the Greer approach. Confidence, professionalism, and caring for you.

Greer’s Banner Air delivers the AC replacement in Bakersfield, CA you need and approaches the job with professionalism. Make your summer more comfortable than ever with our AC services. Call us today at (661) 322-5858.