How to Keep Your AC Unit Maintained All Year

Even when the summer season is over, it is still important to retain your air conditioning unit in proper working condition. Doing this will not just prevent the components of your system from wearing out, but it will further prevent your AC from malfunctioning or breaking down abruptly. 

Hence, it is always the best idea to routinely call up for an air conditioning service in Shafter to keep your AC maintained all year long.  

Tips to Keep Your AC maintained Throughout the Year 

When their air conditioning unit is not in action, numerous homeowners usually forget about it. Unfortunately, this makes your system accumulate dirt and dust and become prone to rust which can further damage the internal parts. 

These damages to the internal parts can make your unit burn out fast and demand costly AC repair in Bakersfield. Listed below are some of the points you can follow to retain your air conditioning unit maintained throughout the year. 

  • Clean and Change the Air Filter Regularly: The air filter in your air conditioner unit must be cleaned and changed routinely, as the obstructed air filters will result in restricted airflow. This could further diminish the performance of your air conditioner and even cause an imbalance in the temperature.
    By changing and cleaning the air filters regularly, the indoor air quality of your place also gets enhanced as the clean air filters can remove all the pollutants and release clean air into the atmosphere.
  • Clean the Outdoor Unit Regularly: By cleaning the outside of your air conditioner frequently, you can easily decrease the odds of your unit getting damaged and further assist in increasing its lifespan. However, before cleaning the outside of your air conditioning unit, you must always ensure that it is switched off or removed from a power source.
    Next, you should remove the condenser grill and remove all the dirt, dust, and debris. Suppose you feel you are not capable of performing this process on your own. In that case, you can always take the assistance of an HVAC contractor for maintenance or AC repair in Bakersfield, CA to perform this task along with rendering other maintenance services efficiently. 
  • Inspect the Condensate Drain: The condensate drain of your AC unit is accountable for the proper condensation in the system, and hence it is one of the essential components of the unit. Hence, you must routinely check them so that there is no dampness or excess moisture at your place that may damage the system.
    For keeping your air conditioner maintained all year long, it is essential to schedule routine maintenance by getting in touch with a reliable HVAC technician who can present comprehensive and accurate maintenance service for your unit. 

We have reputed HVAC contractors for air conditioning services in Shafter and BakersfieldYou can call or connect with us over an email at [email protected] for booking an extensive HVAC maintenance or repair service. 

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