Healthier Home

Healthier Home

With today’s tightly sealed, well insulated homes, the air inside your home can be two to five times more polluted than the air outside. There are several sources of indoor air quality issues, but luckily we offer several solutions to these problems.

Would you like your system to have a humidifier to maintain comfortable, energy saving humidity levels during the dry heating months?

Problematic Dry Air Too little moisture in your home can cause the following conditions: It is recommended that indoor humidity levels be maintained in the 40-60% range.

Would you like your system to effectively control humidity for greater comfort, better air quality, and lower energy bills?

High Humidity Too much humidity can create a breeding ground for … Controlling Humidity Healthier Home Your home comfort system should provide both comfortable temperatures and comfortable humidity levels. It is recommended that indoor humidity be managed to be in the 40-60% range. Humidity System
  • A system with variable speed blower
  • A thermostat with humidity control

Please choose the OUTDOOR sound level that best fits your needs:

Noise Level: Outdoor Unit

The quietest OUTDOOR units have two speeds (high and low) and run on low speed about 80% of the time with longer run cycles for dramatically reduced sound levels and less on/off disturbance. Healthier Home

Please choose the INDOOR sound level that best fits your needs:

Noise Level: Indoor Unit

The quietest INDOOR units have a variable speed motor and run on low speed about 80-90% of the time for whisper quiet operation. They also have longer run cycles and gradual ramping up/down for less on/off disturbance. Comparative Sound Ratings (Decibels) Healthier Home

Are you interested in a variable speed system?


Systems with variable speed blower motors have significant advantages over single speed systems. Greater Comfort
  • Reduced room temperature fluctuation
  • Better humidity control
  • Quieter operation due to motor ramping up and down slowly vs on/off
Improved Indoor Air Quality
  • Air cleaners only filter the air when the blower is on – variable speed can run continuously for just pennies a day
Save Money
  • Lower energy billsBag of Money
  • Improves system heating & cooling performance
  • Energy Star rated

Please provide us the following information:


Healthier Home

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