Common Air Conditioning Problems and Their Probable Solutions

Can you imagine a hot day without air conditioning in your house? Certainly not! Since air conditioning is one of the necessities, facing air conditioning problems in hot summers can be daunting. Before you come across such a problem, having the right information about common air conditioning problems and how to fix them would be wise. Let’s take a glance at 10 common air conditioning problems in Bakersfield that you may face at any time.

10 Most Common Air Conditioning Problems & Some Easy Ways to Fix Them

Low Refrigerant or AC Refrigerant Leakage:

If your air conditioner is not refrigerating well due to either undercharging at installation or leaking issues, merely adding a refrigerating system would not end this.

You must take the assistance of a repair expert for air conditioning service in Bakersfield, CA. The expert technician will find the leaks and repair them accordingly.

Frozen Evaporator Coil:

The evaporator coils freeze when your air conditioning system doesn’t get the required air to function properly. A frozen coil can make your AC stop working as blocked vents and ducts cause insufficient airflow in the AC system. The filter must remain clean and functional to maximize the airflow and indoor air quality.

Thermostat Problems:

Thermostat problems sometimes occur due to improper settings. Make sure that the thermostat is not directly exposed to sunlight, which can cause registering the wrong temperature. Since the thermostat controls your home temperature setting, ensure that it is on and cleaned inside.

Filtration Problem:

This is one of the most common problems in air conditioning as clogged or dirty filters prevent smooth airflow due to which coils inside start freezing. To cope with this, you need to follow the advisory of manufacturers because some filters need to be replaced from time to time, whereas, some can be cleaned and reused.


Sometimes, drainage pipelines also get clogged with dust and dirt and obstruct proper drainage. Make sure you keep a check on it and ensure that the drainage pipeline is regularly maintained and inspected.

Sensor Problems:

AC features a thermostat sensor behind the control panel, which measures the temperature of air coming into the evaporator coil. The sensor should be in the right place to function well.


Being the main component without which the system cannot function smoothly, the air conditioner compressor is considered the heart of the system. The compressor compresses the refrigerant gas. If your AC is not achieving its set temperature, you must understand that there is a problem with the condensing unit. Hence, it is vital to keep your compressor in good shape.


The motor that powers the compressor will not function without a capacitor. A capacitor acts as an essential part of air conditioning systems. It is used to store energy in an electrostatic field. Capacitors stabilize voltage and provide the required jolt to start the motor.

Damaged Contactor:

The contactor controls the flow of electricity in the air conditioning system. Contactors help motors and compressors to start in air conditioning systems.

Breakers or Fuses:

The role of breakers and fuses is to trip or blow if too much voltage is sent through the line. To fix this type of problem, you need an expert technician who will get to the root of the problem and provide the best solution.

Call Air Conditioning Repairing Experts in Bakersfield to Get the Best AC Service!

If your air conditioning is prone to face any of the above-mentioned problems, contact us to schedule an annual maintenance service or a service of  AC repair Bakersfield, CA area. At Greer’s Banner Air of Bakersfield, Inc., we remain eager to assist you in the best manner. We offer affordable AC repair packages to suit your budget. If you are facing any of the common air conditioning problems, connect with us for assistance. Call us today at (661) 322-5858!

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