Choosing to Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioner

Choosing to Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioner

Much has changed in the world of air conditioning and the weather. Summers and ACs now go hand-in-hand. The increase in global warming that results in extremely hot weather has elevated the need for AC in every home.

So, if your AC doesn’t keep you perfectly cool as it used to or shows some defects every time, then you have to choose whether to repair or replace your air conditioner. Below are the differences between repairing and replacing your AC.

Understanding the dilemma between repairing and replacing

For a family or a person who uses an AC, it becomes crucial for them to have it working in good condition during summer. But there are times when your AC shows defects or stops working.

You may not want to replace it because you invested a lot of money in it, and the repair cost may be high too. This dilemma comes to everyone who has to take this decision. There are some guidelines and advice that you need to look at before taking a step forward for air conditioning repair in Bakersfield, CA.

Benefits of replacing your air conditioner:

  • Cost Savings: You have to make the decision cleverly whether it is possible to avail of AC service in Bakersfield, CA, or not. When it is more than ten years old, and the value of repair is half the cost of the AC itself, there is no benefit in it. Replacing the old one with a new one will save you money.
  • Warranty: When you replace the AC and bring the new one, you get more warranty. That means, if there will be any defects in the AC during the warranty period, you can get it right without spending money.
  • Tax Incentives: While your new system saves you a lot of energy, the available tax credits and incentives can save 35% of your money on the high-efficiency system. Look for the stars given to the ACS to choose the right one for you.
  • Good Comfort and Quality: The new system will give you more comfort than your old one as they are efficient in controlling temperature and humidity. The quality of the AC will also satisfy you if you replace it with the old one.

Benefits of repairing your air conditioner:

  • New Systems: There are some cases in which repairing your AC makes the most financial sense. You will get a newer system once the repair gets completed.
  • 50% Rule: If the cost of repairing vs. replacement is less than half of its value and you are happy with the output, then repairing is the easy option on your checkbook.
  • Maintenance: If the AC you have is neither old nor new, then maintenance will become much easier. Simple techniques will help you keep it clean and properly functioning.

We have told you about all the benefits of repairing and replacing your AC. Now, if you wish to do any of them, reach out to Greer’s Banner Air of Bakersfield, Inc. at (661) 322-5858.

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