4 Common AC Problems & How to Fix Them

Thanks to global warming, air conditioning is no longer a luxury and has become a necessity. When temperatures rise, your air conditioner rises to the occasion and works hard to maintain a comfortable home temperature. With the increasing use of air conditioners, AC problems are also increasing day by day.

Air conditioners, just like other household equipment, can develop problems over time. If you return home to a malfunctioning AC on a hot summer afternoon, instead of losing your cool, try to get to the root of the problem. Here are some common air conditioning issues and their solutions.

Dirty Filters

A dirty filter is one of the most common causes of AC problems or failure. Filters accumulate dust and dirt over time. A clogged filter does more harm than good. Dirty filters can drag down an AC’s performance, forcing them to work harder than usual.

To prevent performance issues, inspect and replace your AC filters regularly.

The experts of air conditioning repair in Bakersfield, CA recommend replacing filters (1-2 inches) every three months. If you have pets, kids, or senior citizens at home, consider replacing filters more frequently. Replace traditional filters with high-efficiency filters.

Refrigerant Leaks

Air conditioners can develop refrigerant leaks over time. When the coolant starts leaking in your air conditioner, it will turn into a significant issue.

Some common signs of refrigerant leaks include weird (hissing) noises, frozen coils, inefficient cooling, and high energy bills. Before things get out of hand, consult your technician. Refrigerant leaks should be handled by experts due to two reasons:

  • Refrigerants are toxic
  • If you attempt the repair yourself, your warranty can be voided

Damaged Evaporator Coil Components

Some common signs of a bad evaporator coil are warm air, weird noises, frequent cycling, and refrigerant leak near the indoor unit components. If your evaporator coil is leaking, replace it as soon as possible. Depending on the age and the type of system you use, you may have to replace the entire unit.

Unclean Condenser Coils

AC condenser coils are responsible for releasing heat into the outdoor air. Because condenser coils are located outside the home, they are exposed to the elements. Even a fine layer of dust can negatively impact the efficiency of your condenser coils.

AC repair experts in Bakersfield, CA recommend cleaning condenser coils with a water hose once or twice every year. In case too much dust has accumulated on your condenser coils, your AC technician will use a special chemical solution to resuscitate it.

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