How to Identify if it is Time to Get a New Air Conditioning Unit?

How to Identify if it is Time to Get a New Air Conditioning Unit?

Some air conditioners stop working just after a few years of purchasing and some after a very long time. It can be confusing to understand if you have to get AC repair in Shafter, CAand keep it working or just purchase a new one. Here are a few things to consider while deciding if it is time to get a new air conditioner or not.

  • Age of Your Air Conditioner!: Your air conditioner is subjected to harsh weather and severe outdoor conditions. Especially the outdoor unit. So this electronic device can’t last long life. Modern air conditioning can last up to 20 years whereas older ones can only live up to 10 – 15 years.
    If your air conditioner has reached its term, then plan to contact the air conditioning service in Taft, CA to get a new unit. Especially if you live in hot regions where the weather is extreme, your unit will wear out sooner than average.
  • Frequent Breakdowns!: Are you scheduling regular maintenance checkups for your air conditioner? If you are and your air conditioner still breaks down frequently, then it might be because the system has gone bad.
    In older systems repairs can get costly because some of the parts that need replacement might not be available anymore. An air conditioner will have very few damages and repairs if it is maintained properly. Therefore, instead of trying to repair the damaged unit. You can opt to order a new unit.
  • The Rise in Power Bills: An air conditioning unit that is working optimally will use less energy to work efficiently. It is common to have higher energy bills during the summer season than the rest of the year as we use our air conditioner throughout the season.
    However, if you find that the unit is using more than average energy and your bills are skyrocketing it could mean that the system is damaged and you need a new one.
  • Use of Freon!: Freon is a refrigerant found in many air conditioning units in the olden times. This freon is proven to be harmful to the environment. As a result, the new units that are being manufactured use a new refrigerant called R410A.
    You can continue to use your air conditioner even if it works with freon. However, if there is ever a problem with the refrigerant in your unit it could get extremely costly. Also, since the use of freon is reduced, it is difficult to find it for replacement. Switch to a new air conditioner when you are stuck in this problem.

If any loud noises occur which are unusual from your unit, it is a sign of damage. Ore parts might have gone bad and need replacement. If you are looking forward to enjoying the cool temperatures without your air conditioner going bad, call us at (661) 322-5858. We provide many services like air conditioning repair in Bakersfield which you can access by dropping in a mail at [email protected]

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